Event Application

The King's English Bookshop is an independent bookstore that loves welcoming authors, book clubs, and book events. Based on our years of experience, we know which types of events have the best appeal to our customer base.

For that reason, here’s what we can currently offer for our local creators:

  1. Pop-up signing at the bookshop. A “meet and greet” with the author. This option is free and does not require registration for attendees. Takes place in the store, with a table for you to sign at and interact with readers. We can accommodate shorter notice with this format (though require a minimum of three weeks notice to order your books in time if that’s the option you choose). 
    1. OCT-APRIL: In colder months, your space will be in either the kids room or the mystery nook. MAY-SEPT: In warmer months, your space will be out on our lovely patio (unless it rains), and the larger more open space can accommodate a scheduled reading, though it would still be somewhat informal and we don’t set up chairs for the space. People would have to use the seating that already exists on the patio (about 25 people).
    2. Must take place at a time when the store is open. Our hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.and Sunday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
    3. Book purchasing has three options. 
      1. If we can order your book, we will order copies and have them for purchase at the register.
      2. If we can’t order the book, you can sign up for our consignment program. We keep your books on our shelves for an agreed upon period (three months), and we pay you 60% of the retail price for each of your books that sell. 
      3. If we can’t order the book and you don’t want to sign up for the consignment program, you are welcome to bring your own books but will also need to provide a way of selling them yourself (Square, Venmo, etc.) 
  2. Full event package. We will plan a full event with you. We require a minimum of six weeks lead time for this option. We schedule a reading, Q&A, and signing. We offer full promotion and marketing resources and work with you to make it the best event we can. We list you on our website as one of our local authors and can host a pre-order campaign for newly releasing titles. 
    1. This option requires a co-op fee. Co-op is short for “co-operative advertising,” a system in which bookstores and publishers share the costs of advertising and promotions for books and authors. If you are traditionally published, please reach out to your publisher and see if they offer this. Put us in contact with your publicist and we can work out this fee with them. 
    2. If your publisher cannot pay the co-op fee on your behalf, you may pay the $100 co-op fee for onsite events at the bookshop yourself. OCT-APRIL: In colder months, your space will be in either the kids room (max 40 people). MAY-SEPT: In warmer months, your space will be out on our lovely patio (unless it rains), (max 80 people). 
    3. Compensation: Our goal in charging a co-op fee is not to take advantage of our local and indie authors but simply to break even on the costs of running an event. We make money the same way that you do: by selling excellent books! Which is why we will waive the co-op fee based on books sold at your event. If we sell 20 copies of your book, we will waive the $100 co-op fee.
    4. Ticketing: We do not require people to pay for a ticket to attend events, but free registration is required for safety reasons and to help us know how many books to have on-hand for purchasing. 
  3. Local Author Showcase (LAS). Our new LAS program will take place every month from May to September on the 3rd Friday of every month, out on our patio. The new format will be more informal, engaging, and interactive, but will still include book readings and signings. Spots are open until filled, and we’ll sign you up for the closest space we can.


If you would like to proceed and apply for an event with The King's English Bookshop, please fill out the application form here and we will get back to you shortly.

PLEASE NOTE: this form is intended for authors, not publicists or publishers. If you here because you represent an author, please forward the link directly to the writer. We reserve the right to ignore forms filled out by publicity companies.

RESPONSE TIME: We receive many inquiries each week, and book events at minimum 6 weeks in advance. Depending on when in our cycle a request arrives, a response may take 1-2 weeks.